[Preparation] Revision for DU CIC B.Tech. Entrance 2018

Only 5 days are left for the Entrance on 21st June 2018, so you can follow a SIMILAR strategy as given below.

Dividing the five days as –

  • Revision/Formulas
  • Problem Solving
  • Previous Year Papers


If you had made notes in the past two years for boards/JEE coaching, you can revise them (for the whole syllabus according to JEE Main/BITSAT)

  • The book really, really helped as the direct formula based questions were easily solvable.
  • It also contains summarised theory for quick revision.

And, if you haven’t been able to complete the whole syllabus, GO THROUGH the formulas at least.

A direct formula based question from a chapter that you’re weak in, may cover the difference between 25th rank, and 20th rank.

  • For reasoning, I will not recommended to start a new book in these five days, as the Edgar Thorpe is huge.
  • If you have bought it recently, mark the topics in the book after solving the previous year papers, and solve around 5-10 questions per topic.
  • Else, you can go through this site too, it has most of the type of reasoning questions asked in the exam.

Problem Solving

From the book that you are referring, solve 5-10 questions only per topic, but do them accurately with speed. Time management plays a crucial role in the selection.

Previous Year Papers

The CIC’s website has been down while writing this post, so I compiled the list of [Preparation] Previous Year Papers of CIC B.Tech. Entrance Exam Download

  • Solve them on a computer if possible to imitate the exam environment.
    • One paper DAILY starting from 2017 on 17th June 4pm – 6pm; to 2013 on 21st June in the morning.
    • Open the pdf file, with no mobile phone in the surrounding.
    • Have a timer ready on the screen set to 2 hours, and a calculator on the screen.
    • Be ready with a pen and some sheets of paper.
    • SIT for the two hours, even if you finished it before (that’s not possible, though. 🙂 )
    • Analyse your mistakes, and try to solve the unsolved ones. Trust me, this will help a lot.


  1. Revise the formulas/concepts EVERYDAY for the next five days.
  2. Solve 5-10 questions per topic.
  3. Solve a previous year paper DAILY to get an idea of the pattern.

All the best.

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